Now is the right time to experience all the biblical history, majesty, miracles, and prophecies that await us in the land of the Bible! On October 9-15, 2014, join us in Israel on one of the best educational pilgrimage tours to explore the land of the Lord that is rich in culture and historic sites taking you on a journey to the Holy Land’s most sacred places, such as, Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Golgotha, Judean Wilderness, Jericho, Bethlehem, Samaria, Nazareth, Galilee, Jordan River, Mazada, Dead Sea, and many more. This trip is a personal, educational, and deeply spiritual experience. This journey will leave you with a sense of fulfillment, with awe and wonder that can only come from walking in the very footsteps of Jesus. (Pictures)

First Holy Land Educational Trip 2013


The vision of Word International Ministries New York is to live with holiness in Christ and grow together in the grace of God by faith. We are international communities in New York to witness to God's love by sharing with and caring for people in our local and surrounding communities. It is our goal to provide lively worship and biblical messages that will transform the lives of the people. 

It is also our goal to provide comfort to those who mourn, security in Christ to those who are poor in spirit, righteousness of the Lord to those who hunger for it, and holiness to those who want to see God ..... and ....... a place of rest to the city that never sleeps.

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